Flow Transmitter

Flow Transmitter

Flow Transmitter


The Toshniwal OV and OI series flowmeters are Positive Displacement type meters with only 2 moving parts (2 Precision Oval Gears). Through magnetic coupling, the revolutions can either be sensed by magnetic-field-controlled pulse generator with a digital display or through gear train with mechanical indicators. A wide range of materials of construction for housing, Oval gears and bearings along with specific teeth profile for Oval gears (higher viscosities) and heat extensions enable the Toshniwal Oval Gear Meter to be very versatile and accurate in most fields of application. Toshniwal Oval Gear meters have been granted the Weights & Measures certification by the Dept. of legal metrology and the 100ppr Pulse generators are PESO approved.


  • Line Size Range: 25mm to 150mm ( 1” to 6”)
  • Accuracy: Between 0.1% to 0.3% (depending on range and properties of liquid)
  • Models available with Digital Display / Mechanical Display / Roller Register / Pulse Generator
  • Rugged and proven design for long term stability and accuracy. No wear & tear.
  • Low pressure drop across meter (Please refer catalogue for Pressure Drop curve)
  • Special Oval Gear teeth profile for liquids for viscosities above 150 mPA.s
  • Lesser number of parts which makes maintenance simple.
  • ATEX variants available for explosive atmospheres.
  • Toshniwal’sNABLcertified calibration facility and experienced service engineers ensure long term commissioning of the meters.


Toshniwal’s Oval Gear Meters are highly versatile and can easily handle any downstream (free of particulates) liquid flow measurement with superior accuracy and reliability through proven design and quality construction. Here are a few applications that the OV & OI series are frequently used in:

  • Approved and extensively used for custody transfer
  • Terminal Automation
  • Diesel Unloading
  • Chemical Unloading
  • Solvent Batching
  • Bowser dispensing
  • Consumption Monitoring

Line Size Range: 1" to 6"
Accuracy: 0.1% to 0.3%
Indication: Digital & Mehanical
classification: ATEX
Viscosities: above 150 mPA.s

The Toshniwal OV and OI series flowmeters are Positive Displacement type meters with only .....